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Tofu Protein Cake

Tofu Protein Cake

Basically it is a white block made by coagulating Soy milk just like Cheese made by coagulating cow milk. You can use healthy tofu instead of Paneer and Cheese.

Before using tofu, first learn about Different types and methods of using it:

1 Fresh tofu: Fresh tofu includes Soft/Silken, Firm, Medium Firm and Dry version depends upon its texture. You will get tofu in the frozen section of any Asian store. I prefer Medium firm tofu for my recipes.

2 Fried Tofu: You can fry all tofu except Soft one or you can get this tofu in the frozen section too.

3 Flavored Tofu: Sweet and savory tofu are available in the market


What to do before Tofu is used in the any Recipe?

Tofu is watery. You have to store it in the Freezer and check their Expiry date before using it. Defrost for 3-4 hours, when it turns soft, squeeze it with hands or in a paper towel. Now it is ready to use.

Different Methods for cooking Tofu :

1 Bake Tofu: You can bake marinated tofu in the oven for the great t

2 Fry Tofu: If you want to fry or shallow fry, remember not to fry directly. Either you have to coat it with marinade or coat it with corn starch by tossing tofu slice/cubes in the Corn starch or all purpose flour.

3 Steam Tofu: If you don’t want to use any of above methods then steam it for 5-10 minutes for the safety reason.



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